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Experimental pop music, homerecorded.

Recorded 2009 December – May 2010. Final mix & master december 2010. Played by Oorlab + Hiram (Vocals on Moon Treaty).
Many thanks to Henk de Kruijff and Maarten Luitwieler for listening and giving indispensable comments. Shoot me written with Mark Hoogslag ,all other tracks written Oorlab.
Springtime Songtime mixed & mastered by Jasper Verburgh


released January 1, 2011

Dick Vestdijk recording, mix + mastering, except Springtime Songtime, mix Jasper Verburgh, drums - Maarten Luitwieler, guitar - Michel van Olm.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Oorlab Netherlands

Home & fieldrecordings, music, collages, collaborations, soundtracks.

New ideas welcome.

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Track Name: Springtime songtime
Springtime Songtime

Love will return and if you see it
Surely will come your way
Spring will return and if you see it
Love will return some day.
Hold on to life you know it's worth it
Don''t be afraid to be – afraid
And the time will come that the constant sun
will show you what love can do,
Get in your spacesuit and fly to the sky of blue.
Track Name: Come up playing
I see you come up playing
You got a nice guitar,
The moon is shining and the crowd is swaying,
Watch out for the new star.
You got a crush on dancing,
Beats bouncing trhough the wall.
Forget who you are, play your guitar
Connect to your ... loving soul.

There is no time for waiting.
Keep the bass drum tight.
And the hi-hats gated,
Kickstart ... the music right!

I see you come up playing.
No need to freak it out,
Less is more,
and 4 on the floor,
Come on, and sing it out loud.
Track Name: Launch me
Launch me

Launch me into orbit
My shield is abraded
Change course to the Zenith
So long, though my helmet
Moon eyed – steer light
Geo – stationary
Contemplating what you got
Don't crave what you have not
Launch me into orbit
Bubaloo Bubaloo
Launch me into orbit
Change me cause I like it
My shield is abraded
Change course to the Zenith
So long through my helmet
Track Name: White Moon
White Moon, shining like a white light in the sky,
Whited moon, guiding me yonder
Craters scattered everywhere, dust reflects a solar flare
No sky, no wind, no air
Apollo left a lasting mark, rocket launched a vital spark
No astronauts remained
Mare tranquilitas
White moon, reflecting the sun
Track Name: Oorlab & Hiram - Moontreaty
[Russian radio ca 1992, excerpts from the International Moon Treaty 1972 two voices, reading, fading in & out] state parties...
activities, on or below its surface, subject to the provisions of this agreement. .... and their space objects, ... there shall be freedom, .... all state parties,... state parties shall have the right to collect on,... exchange of scientific...samples of its minerals,... state parties shall have regard to the desirability,... other interested state parties. Scientific investigation,...shall be the province of all mankind. Shall be carried out in ... trajectories,... adverse change, report,... environmental matter or otherwise,... and conditions,... or otherwise. By the principle of cooperation.... all their activies concerning. International cooperation or otherwise. And may take place on a bilateralbasis, or international, intergovernmental,... reported thereafter. Or otherwise. Through the introduction of extraterrestrial matter,... or otherwise. Shall be the province of allmankind.
Track Name: Every Quarter
Every Quarter
In every quarter, the moon is the nightporter.
Regardless your gold you cannot afford her.
Furtive signals and pointless quarrels,

For appearance sake, the earth is what you make.
System will not alway stay the course,
From the canopy, be almost free
we're performing a persistance hunt.