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Collections of songs - some of them previous on soundcloud. Artwork by D. Vestdijk. First version published february 2012. Latest additionJuly 5th 2013


released July 5, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Oorlab Netherlands

Home & fieldrecordings, music, collages, collaborations, soundtracks.

New ideas welcome.

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Track Name: Sunflowers

And when the moon comes to shine
on the sunflowers
you'll see them grow & grow
hour by hour,
it goes so fast, can it last.

How can we see the plants are moving?
Timelapse, recap, synapse, insert.

A cat is crawling in the grass,
king of the garden more or less
Sunflowers bathing in the light
the summer is feeling just about right.

Come to the harvest of mint and sage
Sunflowers brighten this day & age.
bees are buzzing, trees unfolding.
Sunflowers paint the seance you're holding.
Come to the river, come to the sea.
Come and see the sunflowers with me
Track Name: A man a man, a word a word
A man a man a word a word
that's what they say, that's what I heard
Quid pro quo, well what do you know
the truth is out
how you ran that show
or it ran you
without a clue
juicing and cruising
Value at risk, hedged your bet
ain't it sad

What do you know, what do you care

A man a man, a word a word
that's what they say, that's what I heard
sooner or later, the truth will be out
and the press uncovers what it's all about
no way to regain your value at risk
fixing the rate by your secret trader
send him to Paris, send him to Rome
no fingerprints, no alibi
remember to look under the stone.

A road a road a way a way
that's what I saw
to get us out of here
the sooner the better,
as long as the rates are shattere

A plan a plan we can we can
we should we could
if it is understood,
ethical committee
telling us what is bad, what is good
Track Name: Thunder comes
Thunder comes
G F#m A Em A Em F

Come to the distance where the forest
interplays with the soil,
And the land has some space,
for your soul to be free, as if there was nothing
on this earth to do than just walk around.

Try to find the view of blue
that will fit the display of the day,
that changes with the wind
or wait 'till nightfall when the waves
caress the bays of the fractal coast.

Thunder comes from every side / on rapid foot
cutting through the clouds / splicing all the air
watch out for the flashes
they will hit without a doubt. / can hit anywhere

I had a dream that lightning struck and
all the power had gone down. Then we looked out for candles
to guide us through the dark, we could only see each others faces
clearly when the lightning sparked.

All boats are anchored in the harbour,
waiting for a quiet spell, if that comes it might be heaven,
if it won't it will be hell.
The birds are hiding below the trees
that bend in the non-stop howling wind,

Hell-fire rising from the mountain clouds
where rain is made & heading south
the summer storm
when fences break and roofs are torn
and all will be turning in the wind that will not leave a trace.

Embed myself to the forest shade
where saplings rise and soil is made
to enclose the circle round
a swirling Sufi dance.
Time's eye peering through the strings of space
That leaves no trace, no memories.
Track Name: How filter - song sketch
How can I,
ever make
you forgive me

How can I
this from
happening again

How can I make you forgive me
How can I
ever make
these filters work

Settle my fingers
in the air
you come running and stare,
you be searching the notions
of oceans before.
Track Name: Jacky

I see you slipping away
in a hole
where all
is dark & grey

you're looking outside in
and I see
the fix
where you've been

the silver line
is still there.
Chasing clouds
away, and taking care.

Soon, my love
Track Name: Clever & cute
To the night in the city,
where streets are all pretty.
In the light on the street,
where the rain keeps the beat.

clever and cute,
show me the route,
it is understood.

Clever & Cute.

When you jump from the plane
on your parachute.
Need a life of love,
without fight or hate,
I see a distance
where it is always too late.
Give me a sign, a whisper in my ear,
we can't go on in this war of fear.

Clever & Cute

When you jump from your window
on your parachute!

heyheyhey, whadda y' say?
show me the route
Clever & Cute.

thanks to PLeudoniem for helping out.
Track Name: On fidelity (feat. Pleudoniem & Mark Hoogslag)
the Suisse economy
a black hole between the mountains
where kickbacks, paybacks, golden handshakes
IMF rules break, valuta quake
breasts fake, maffia at the lake,...
Washes whiter
weapons for your convenience
no need for experience
Drone in your bone
your daugther on the phone

question arising on fidelity
masterly spinned in Whitehall
And the Kanzlerei
Must have missed the late evening bulletin

they changed the passwords
Cyclotron's the hype.
No need to shred your white paper
grey literature
full of stature - demure - forclosure.

succeed at projects
lessons learned
dots on the horizon
crack that code
fill that cup

Derivatives on your mind
love hard to find.
Waiting to come by
at the sea
to lead the simple life
plants and trees and seasonal planning
cutting wood no more than needed
or understood
garden weeded, not poisoned or burned
watch how winter onto spring has turned.
Track Name: Travelling time
Hey, there is no easy way out
When there is a hole in your shoe
and a war in your heart.
Can you see the new day,
find a new start,
slow down for a while.
See what could happen next,
round that corner,
take some travelling time.

Travelling time
crossing that line.

Wait, for that train to arrive,
banish that thought
of that meme that has caught you by surprise.
Hey, there is no easy way out
When there is a hole in your shoe
and a war in your heart.
Can you see the new day,
find a new start,
slow down for a while.
See what could happen next,
round that corner,
take some travelling time.
Track Name: You got to pay
They say the days of slavery are gone
but my guess, the way things are heading, they are wrong.
Every day I see men and women, strugling for a dime,
to get their mortgage balanced, and the Bankers
I hear them say You got to pay.

Dark clouds are filling our sky
No sun returning till the day we'll die
I guess the poor folk are carrying
the burden & the shame,
gambling banker's sin, they're the one to blame,
you got to pay

You got to pay
Your dues
You got to pay
till you've got nothing left to loose.

They say the worker man has got to work,
while the billionaire can carry on like a jerk,
I saw him on TV,
he didn't look a lot like you and me,
They made him president of Italy.

Give me some news...
Track Name: The Edges
The Edges

can you see & tell me
what will happen?
looking through the present
to the past.
Although there is no time
we'll keep on dancing.
Cast away the lines
that cannot last.

Can you resist the pull
of fame and fashion?
Whatever richness
that you may preceive.
Brother, can you give up
your resistance?
Remember you should
never be alone.

Can you yes or
will you not be truthful?
Not let common sense
play us apart.
How can any crowd
ever be faithful,
fear of love
is wasting our years.

Can you tell me now
a way out of this madness?
A road out of this swamp
to navigate the edges.

you'll be around.

[portugese talk radio news clip]
Track Name: Magnolia

Magnolia, magnolia, innocence got ripped
like a page from a book.
They talk of war, and I’ve heard it before
stealing secrets from the library.

Look at those stars, ain’t that love
Tunnel vision, from above.
Look at those stars, shining bright.
Open the streets, with some morning light.

Fool was I, to let you go,
I heard you’re dancing on that stage of rage.
Take a hand, step away,
shouldn’t be stuck in that same old cage.

Rough reality, oh can’t you see,
they scare you with violence,
wash your brain with fear.


Divided by chasms, redolent am I,
Zero sum, can we be one.
Analysis, analysis, how could I forsake
this once & future kiss.
Magnolia, magnolia
Short cut season, gone with the sun

Look at that moon, rising soon,
over that blue lagoon