November Hometaping 2012

by Oorlab

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Written, recorded, mixed and mastered in November 2012 - for


released 02 December 2012

all instruments and vocals by Oorlab - except fragment of interview with Brian Eno on "Fuctional side of music"



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Come alive (1 - hmtpng2012)
If you want to go
To places you don't know,
Fade into the scene,
A moutain to be free.

Can you come alive

In a waiting room,
Train is coming soon.
For sleep it is too late,
For the call you have to wait.

See you on the shore,
Light and colour for
Pictures in your mind
Tracks that you will find.

In this waiting time,
All is on the line
Can you come alive.
Track Name: In the light of recent events (6 - hmtpng2012)
In the light of recent events
I call my agent and my friends
& they will tell me
That I better cut it out
& they might tell me,
That I better take it easy.

In the light of recent events,
My mind is close to the edge
of being spent.

Come back my honey,
to the way it used to be.
Come back my honey
All will be well, you'll see.

In the light of recent events,
I see a lover change into a friend.
All that good loving,
Gone down the drain.
And I will be riding that heart breaking train.
Track Name: Penguin (9-hmtpng)
I love to learn
About your winter quest
Will you know
East from West

Leaving home all together
Or sit endless hours
in darkness.
So cold
Or is it for the weather

Well I see you're edging in.
On this cold case team,
Wide awake,
Or in a deep dark dream,
Waddle your tail,
Through the snow.
Track Name: Princess of the lighthouse (10-hmtpng2012)
F# E Em

Princess of the lighthouse
I'm washed upon your shore
How old and what for
I cannot say any more.

Princess on the lighthouse
I take another stroll,
Rock around your roll
Ode abound to fall
On life

Princess of the lighthouse
I crashed upon your shore
How long & from where
I can't say any more.

Lightning on your window
You're faded on the way,
Riding on the day
Into the parade of love.

You summer
and the consequence,
you runner
in a letter dance,
you painter
on your way to fall.

Daring me asunder
the light is on your eyes,
Going to make a difference,
blame it on the wise
and I'm waiting for you
For laughter and truth,
Came here and went.
With a simple simple plan.

Princess in the Window,
I hope that you see me
But how little do you know,
of tides and currents deep

Princess of the lighthouse
You wander to the sea,
won't you see me
Washed upon your deadly shore.